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Photos of Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby

Barnet Marine Park

Located alongside the Barnet Highway, this large park has Burnaby's only salt-water beach and is a popular and interesting place to explore throughout the year. There's a network of trails, nice views up Indian Arm and across the inlet to Deep Cove, and Cates Park. A dock is located on the east side of the park for fishing, or watching the freighters, sailboats and power boaters.

The large sandy beach overlooking the Burrard Inlet at Barnet Marine Park is a popular swimming destination. Other activities here include canoeing, kayaking, and hiking.

Visitors can enjoy lunch at one of the dozens of picnic tables throughout the park or spread out a blanket and umbrella at the beaches while enjoying views of the inlet, tankers and other marine vessels sailing by.

Take a walk along the shoreline, then lay down a blanket on one of the numerous lawns on a warm summer day, or stop for a rest on one of the many pocket beaches and enjoy those magnificent views of the inlet. Be sure to watch for marine and bird life along the foreshore. Eagles are popular and frequent visitors to the park.

The foreshore section on the west side of the park is called Drummond’s Walk is a popular off leash dog-walking trail.

The park has three large parking lots so during most of the year parking is ample. One thing to be aware of is the limited parking available during hot summer days. Due to the popularity of this park during summer visitors are advised to arrive well before noon to ensure a parking stall. Visitors must park in the three parking lots - the road continues towards the picnic area but only handicapped parking and short term off loading is permitted.

Whether you visit Barnet Marine Park for an early morning walk, an afternoon picnic with the family or to watch the sunset, you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views of Burrard Inlet alongside remnants of Barnet’s rich pioneering history. No matter where you are in the park, the sounds and smells of Burrard Inlet are a welcome escape from your daily routine.

Features: Swimming beach, washrooms, changing rooms, outdoor shower, car top boating launches, walking and hiking trails, fishing, formal picnic sites, dog off leash area

Group picnic sites are also available by contacting the Parks Administration Office at 604.294.7222

Barnet Marine Park History

Barnet Marine Park  is located on the site of the old logging community of Barnet. The community flourished in the first half of the twentieth century and the park is centered around the old lumber mill that operated for an impressive 60 years before its demise in 1958. The Barnet town site has a rich history. Starting as a small mill town in 1900 with a population of 150, it eventually grew to be a busy industrial area. The remains of the mill's scrap burner can still be seen today, jutting out into the water near the beach. The old wharf has been replaced with a fishing pier.

The skeleton of the scrap burner is now a recognized heritage site where visitors can explore and one of the large concrete mill structures stands near the picnic area as a reminder of the past.