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Photos of Fraser Foreshore Park, Burnaby

Fraser Foreshore Park, Burnaby

This riverside park provides a wonderful opportunity to experience and explore the mighty Fraser River where you could see logs booms tugboats, and more. This park offers shoreline trails among trees and grassy meadows, and picnic sites.

The eastern portion of Fraser Foreshore Park is a 16 hectare ecological reserve containing a diversity of habitat types which are becoming scarce on the Fraser River; restored tidal wetlands, lowland marsh and mature cottonwood forest. The restore estuary and tidal lagoon are part of a salmon enhancement project.

Starting from the main parking lot on Fraser Park Drive, you can walk on relatively flat well-maintained trails that follow the shoreline eastwards before winding through a raptor meadow east of the railway bridge, looping around the meadow, then connecting

back to the original trail and returning to the parking lot. As you walk along, you will notice many small channels and a pond near the meadow. These areas were created as back channels for fish habitat. This mixture of pond and stream habitat provides safe refuge for fish against high water events in the winter and between tides throughout the year. The marsh areas are just as beneficial. They supply vegetative cover for fish, habitat for the invertebrates (such as spiders) that fish feed on during each of their life stages, as well as critical bird habitat.

Fraser Foreshore is a beautiful, picturesque park on the banks of the mighty Fraser, bustling with activity; joggers, strollers and nature lovers all use the park> those that enjoy fishing find it to be an excellent spot to for local Coho. Picnic enthusiasts will find benches and tables for their use, and a kids play area is specially designed to accommodate children with disabilities.

The park provides a wonderful opportunity to experience and explore the mighty Fraser River. Take a jog, a walk or a leisurely stroll along the scenic shoreline trail – but just make sure to take a break on one of the park benches to enjoy a view of the interesting marine traffic on this bustling waterway.