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Burnaby Neighbourhoods

Burnaby is divided into three main areas; Burnaby East, Burnaby North and Burnaby South. Each of these three major areas are broken down again to smaller neighbourhoods:

Map of Burnaby

Burnaby East

East Burnaby


The Crest

Burnaby North

Brentwood Park

Capitol Hill


Central Burnaby

Government Road

Lake City Industrial





Simon Fraser Hills

Simon Fraser University

Vancouver Heights


Willingdon Heights

Burnaby South

Big Bend

Buckingham Heights

Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Lake

Deer Lake Place

Forest Glen

Garden Village




South Slope


Upper Deer Lake


Brentwood Park or simply Brentwood is a North Burnaby neighbourhood in between Willingdon Avenue to the west and Springer Avenue to the east. Hastings Street separates it from the Capitol Hill area to the north, while the Lougheed Highway marks the dividing line between this residential area and a commercial / industrial land to the south.

Brentwood has a horseshoe-like grid with a centrally located park of the same name. Beecher Park west of Springer Avenue is a park with a stream running through it that joins Still Creek south of the Lougheed Highway and eventually flows into Burnaby Lake. It is called Beecher Creek, it provides habitat for local salmon species.

Housing is mostly single-family but there are a number of high-rise and low-rise rental buildings in its south-east corner, near Springer Avenue. Several condominium towers are built on the south edge of the area, along Skytrain tracks.

The area is served by two stations of the Millennium Line - Brentwood Station and Holdom Station. A busy bus loop is steps away from Brentwood Station, Brentwood Town Centre Mall, a popular shopping centre featuring such stores as London Drugs and Sears  is located in the southwest corner of the area.

Burnaby Heights, officially known as Vancouver Heights and commonly referred to as The Heights, is a quiet, prestigious residential neighbourhood in North Burnaby between Boundary Road to the west, Gamma Avenue to the east and bounded by Hastings Street to the south. Its northern edge facing the North Shore Mountains comes down rather steeply to the shores of Burrard Inlet.

Capitol Hill, is a hill in North Burnaby (elev. 203m), , and also is the name of the neighbourhood spanning the summit of the hill. Standing on the north side of Hastings Street and bounded by Willingdon Avenue to the west and Fell Avenue in the east, this neighbourhood is known for its extensive multicultural communities as well as being a student area in connection with the nearby Simon Fraser University.

There are several apartment buildings in the area, mostly along Hastings Street. Although the majority of housing is single-family, the size and value of land increases towards the top of the hill as does the view of downtown Vancouver, the mountains and the water. To the east, Capitol Hill boasts spectacular views of Indian Arm, Burnaby Mountain and Mount Baker

A walking trail constituting part of Trans Canada Trail skirts the northern flank of the hill. Confederation Park is at the west foot of the hill.

The neighbourhood is served by a bus providing connections with the popular Heights shopping district along Hastings Street, Eileen Dailly Fitness Centre, the McGill branch of Burnaby Public Library and Brentwood Town Centre Mall to the south.

Lochdale is a single-family neighbourhood in the north-eastern part of Burnaby, quite near Burnaby Mountain. It lies between busy Kensington Ave to the west and Duthie Ave to the east. Busy Hastings Street marks its northern limits while Halifax Street closes the rectangle in the south. Additionally, a large hillside residential area between Burnaby Mountain Parkway and Greystone Drive also belongs to Lochdale. Several major thoroughfares connecting north and south run through this neighbourhood including Kensington Avenue, Duthie Avenue, and Sperling Avenue.

Similar to neighbouring Parkcrest and Montecito (also known as Sperling-Broadway, Lochdale's elevation gradually subsides southwards where it approaches Burnaby Lake which gave this old neighbourhood its Scottish name.

The Lochdale district was founded at Hastings Street and Sperling Avenue in 1912 and absorbed many immigrants of different European backgrounds before World War 2, whose children and grandchildren still live in the area. The Lochdale Community Hall at the corner of Hastings St and Sperling Ave is Burnaby's last remaining early community hall building and is protected as a heritage site by the Council since 1992. The Hall was constructed with volunteer labour and donated materials in 1925 through the efforts of the Lochdale Social Club. The area is mostly single-family homes.

Sperling Station on the  Millennium Line is located directly to the south of this neighbourhood, across the Lougheed Highway. The area is well served by public transit with buses providing connections to all three shopping malls in this part of Burnaby - Kensington Square, Lougheed Town Centre Mall and Brentwood Town Centre Mall.

Kensington Square at Hastings Street and Kensington Ave is a popular shopping centre with a number of shops and services, including a Safeway store and Shoppers Drug Mart. A stretch of Hastings between Kensington Ave and Clare Ave also has a number of small shops and restaurants.

There are two elementary schools in this area - Lochdale Community and Westridge. Burnaby North Secondary School serves this and neighbouring areas.

There are a few parks in the area - Sumas Park and Sperling Park in the south, Lochdale Park and Halifax Park which has a remaining stand of old trees right in the heart of the neighbourhood. Kensington Park with its pitch and putt is steps away. An outdoor public swimming pool is located on a small hill opposite Kensington Square Shopping Centre, just across Kensington Avenue.

Metrotown is a town centre serving the southwest quadrant of Burnaby. It is one of the city's four officially designated town centres, as well as one of Metro Vancouver's regional town centres.

As officially defined by the City of Burnaby, the town centre is bounded on the west by Boundary Road (taking in Central Park), on the south by Imperial Street, on the east by Royal Oak Avenue, and on the north by a series of local streets (Thurston, Bond, Grange and Dover streets), giving an area of 2.97 km (730 acres). Kingsway forms the central commercial spine for the neighbourhood, and is paralleled to the south by the SkyTrain tracks running alongside Central Boulevard. The area is served by the SkyTrain's Patterson and Metrotown stations, while Royal Oak Station sits just beyond the southeastern limits of the district.

The town centre is also home to Old Orchard Shopping Centre, at the intersection of Kingsway and Willingdon Avenue. The Crystal Mall complex at Kingsway and Willingdon Avenue is one of the largest lower mainland Asian malls and Metropolis at Metrotown is the second largest enclosed shopping mall in Canada located at Kingsway and Nelson Avenue.

Central Park sits at the western edge of Metrotown, and includes amenities such as tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, a pitch-and-putt golf course, and Swangard Stadium at its northwestern corner. Smaller parks in the area include Kinnee Park, Maywood Park and Old Orchard Park. The area is also served by the Bonsor Recreation Complex and the Burnaby Public Library's Bob Prittie Metrotown branch.

Metrotown SkyTrain station commuted to work by public transit, the highest of any census tracts in Metro Vancouver; public transit mode share to work for the entire Metrotown area was around 42%.

Marlborough Elementary School and Maywood Community School (K-7) both fall within Metrotown's borders, while Chaffey-Burke Elementary sits just to the north. The closest secondary schools serving Metrotown are Moscrop Secondary School at Willingdon Avenue and Moscrop Street, and Burnaby South Secondary School near Royal Oak Avenue and Rumble Street.

Montecito, also known as Sperling-Broadway, is a neighbourhood located to the southwest of Burnaby Mountain, between Kensington Avenue to the west and Greystone Drive and Arden Avenue to the east. Halifax Street and the Lougheed Highway form its northern and southern boundaries respectively. It used to be part of a larger Lochdale neighbourhood.

The area is served by. Sperling – Burnaby Lake SkyTrain Station directly to the south.

There are two elementary schools in this area - Sperling and Montecito. Burnaby North Secondary School serves this and neighbouring areas.

The area is home to Burnaby Mountain Golf Course and the adjacent Squint Lake as well as Montecito Park.

Parkcrest is a hillside neighbourhood in North Burnaby adjacent to Kensington Park which gave it its name. It has a long rectangular shape stretched north to south and is bounded by Springer Avenue to the west and Kensington Avenue to the east. To the north its border runs along Hastings Street, its southern border lies along the Lougheed Highway. Its elevation gradually lowers to the south and ends up in Central Valley, quite low above the level of Burnaby Lake.

The housing is entirely single-family. Real Estate prices reflect the status of North Burnaby as a prestigious, high-middle-class neighbourhood.

There are two elementary schools at two opposite ends of the neighbourhood - Aubrey and Parkcrest.

Parkcrest Plaza is located the very bottom of the hill, along Broadway and three large local shopping malls are all within a few minutes.

Kensington Park with its pitch and putt facilities and a nearby ice arena (off Curtis St) used for hockey and skating by local residents. Soccer and baseball are also played on nearby well-lit sports fields.

UniverCity is also known as the Simon Fraser University district and is an award-winning sustainable community located on top of Burnaby Mountain, adjacent to Simon Fraser University. and has won several awards for sustainable planning and development. It is currently home to over 4,000 residents.

Westridge is a residential neighbourhood located on the western slope of Burnaby Mountain. It is sliced almost in half by Inlet Drive. The western half of it lies close to the shores of Burrard Inlet and the railway tracks on which West Coast Express runs between Downtown Vancouver and Port Moody. The eastern half of Westridge climbs quite steeply up Burnaby Mountain. Westridge is located near Simon Fraser University to which it is linked by the Burnaby Mountain Parkway.

In addition to the hiking trails of Burnaby Mountain itself, is Barnet Marine Park with its beach and wonderful views of Burrard Inlet and Indian Arm. The small Westridge Park west of Inlet Drive near its intersection with Hastings Street offers a children's

Willingdon Heights is located between two major north-south roads - Boundary Road in the west and Willingdon Avenue in the east. Its northern border lies along Hastings Street while the Lougheed Highway marks its southern limits. . It is named after a major Burnaby thoroughfare Willingdon Avenue connecting North Burnaby with Kingsway and the Metrotown area in the south.

The closest SkyTrain stations are Brentwood Station and Gilmore Station.

Willingdon Heights is located close to just below the Heights shopping district and close to Brentwood Town Centre Mall. Several big box stores Staples, Office Depot and Costco are located nearby.