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Photos of Squint Lake, Burnaby

Squint Lake Park, Burnaby

Squint Lake Park which has walking trails, softball diamonds, tennis courts and a playground. The walking trails weave around the park amenities and provide glimpses of golfers swinging for a hole in one. The park is also a popular place for softball in the summer because its fields are lit. In the winter months, the park is not as busy and walkers can enjoy the quiet forest and the sounds of trickling creeks nearby.

The 1.8 kilometre forest walk through the park runs along the perimeter of the golf course and follows a series of gravel paths and urban trails. It can be a quiet, calming walk or a walk full of life and activity, depending on what time of the day and what season you visit the area. Start in the Squint Lake Park parking lot, taking the trail near the washroom building that leads around the softball diamonds.

Squint Lake - Burnaby’s Third Lake

Most Burnaby Residents know of and have visited the two major lakes in Burnaby, Deer Lake and Burnaby Lake. Both are well know Burnaby parks within the Lower Mainland region.

Squint Lake is a small lake that is located on private land in the southwest corner of Burnaby Mountain. It is surrounded by Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. To the north of the lake is Squint Lake Park. First time visitors to the park are sometimes perplexed to find no lake within the park boundaries.

Squint Lake is nestled between the 18-hole Burnaby Mountain Golf Course and Squint Lake Park. It can be viewed by golf course patrons as they walk from the parking lot to the golf course. The Burnaby Mountain Golf Course is located at 7600 Halifax Street.

Eagle Creek flows into Squint Lake from the north and continues south eventually flowing into Burnaby Lake. There are two tiny ponds on either side of Squint Lake. Prehistoric fossils have been found in the surrounding mud. At the south end of the lake, there is an underground chute, approximately 4 feet in diameter, that has still never been traced.

According to a map and materials by Heritage Advisory Committee and Environment and Waste Management Committee of the City of Burnaby (1993), Eagle Creek is fed by a large watershed which drains the slopes of Burnaby Mountain and at one time included a large marsh and beaver pond located in the old Lochdale district.

In 1910 when the Vancouver real-estate firm of Ross and Shaw tried to sell their new subdivision on the mountain they printed ads in the Vancouver Daily Province which announced: "Adjoining this desirable property is the beautiful Quinte Lake, where it is proposed to erect a tourist hotel." Apparently local residents thought the name was hilarious and much too grandiose a description for a beaver pond. Instead, Lochdale residents joked that "...you had to squint to see it" and the name Squint Lake stuck.