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You Tube Video of Giro Di Burnaby

Giro Di Burnaby

#101 – 4946 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4H7


Giro di Burnaby

The Giro di Burnaby is an annual road bicycle race that pays tribute to “our colourful Italian community and the world famous Giro d’Italia.” Giro di Burnaby means “Tour of Burnaby.

The Giro di Burnaby is what is known as a criterium race, meaning it uses a short course and is run on closed-off city streets. This action-packed form of bicycle road racing consists of many laps on a course no longer than 2 km in length and rarely lasting more than 90 minutes. The high-speed cornering and sprinting in this event make it a favorite for spectators and provide an opportunity to get close to the action as racers reach speeds of up to 60 km/hour.

The race strategy is played at high speeds where teams must decide if their best chance of a victory is in keeping the field together or if it is better getting a strong rider into a breakaway group of racers. Rival teams have different strategies and all teams are continually adapting to tactics and counter-tactics of opposing teams.

Held in Burnaby Heights the Giro Di Burnaby hosts some of the top bicycle racers from around North America who zoom around a 1.85 km course that looks a little like a dumbbell with a long straightaway on Hastings Street between Rosser and MacDonald Avenues. The prize purse is usually worth over $15,000 and some real cycling pros come out to compete.

In addition to the exciting racing, spectators at the Giro can also fuel up at the many multicultural restaurants and delis in Burnaby Heights or stroll through the athlete’s village in the Safeway parking lot at the corner of Rosser and Hastings, where they can view race teams and their carbon fibre bikes and watch the mechanics get them race ready, as the riders warm up on stationary trainers.

The Giro di Burnaby is a fast-paced, action-filled competition in with  riders reaching speeds of up to 60 km per hour and when they’re moving that fast in a tightly-packed cluster, anything can happen. Over 5000 people usually attend the event.