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Photos of Robert Burnaby Park

Robert Burnaby Park

The park is named after the Robert Burnaby the merchant, politician and civil servant that Burnaby is named after. The park is 48 hectares and is located in East Burnaby, just south of Burnaby Lake, off Edmonds and 4th Street. It is a favourite picnic spot for many residents of Burnaby and New Westminster. Views to the north include Montecito, Cathedral Mountain, Mount Seymour and off in the distance The Lions. It is one of the better "secret" places in Burnaby for a woodland retreat away from the crowds.

Robert Burnaby Park offers a peaceful setting of majestic hemlock, cedar and Douglas fir trees. This large park is known for its wooded ravine and forest trails, which are laid out on scenic hillsides and meander through lush ravines and into open meadows.

This network of trails in quiet surroundings of forested creek ravine was built during the Great Depression of the 1930s and is still heavily used by walkers and joggers. Nature lovers enjoy the diversity of creeks that flow beneath the towering conifer canopy.

The steep ravine slowly changes into a gentle waterway known as Ramsay Creek whose pools were restored as part of a creek restoration project to provide habitat for juvenile and spawning salmon from Burnaby Lake.

The southeast corner includes an outdoor pool located off Wedgewood Street for those hot summer days, tennis courts and a children’s playground. Sports fans enjoy playing baseball at the Fourth Street ball diamond or challenging themselves and friends to a game of Frisbee golf. The disc Frisbee golf course, one of only a handful in the Vancouver area is accessed from the parking lot at the bottom of Hill Avenue. An dog off-leash zone is in the northern part of the park.

With its combination of quiet walks and outdoor activities Robert Burnaby Park is ideal for family picnics or individual exploration.

Park Amenities

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Tennis Courts

Picnic Tables

Children's Playground

Off Lease Dog Walk

Frisbee Golf

Baseball Diamond

Hiking Trails